Community Support

Our organization understands the unique challenges that Canada’s military families face and believe it is important to provide them with the community support they need. We proudly support military families and the communities they live in through programs such as Soldier On.

Solider On:


Solider On is a Canadian Armed Forces program that supports service personnel and veterans to overcome their physical or mental illness or injury through physical activity and sport. The program is a highly visible and integral component of the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment and priority towards providing a comprehensive approach to care for ill and injured members.

Since its inception in 2006, Soldier On has helped more than 1,300 ill and injured members to obtain sporting or recreational equipment, gain access to high-level training from world-class instructors and supported their participation in a wide range of structured activities from alpine skiing to fishing to adventure expeditions. Although Soldier On events are primarily focused on sport or other physically challenging activities, promoting an active lifestyle is only part of the mission. Soldier On not only supplies members with equipment and coaches to meet their needs, they also provide members with a safe environment to challenge themselves to get inspired in ways that they may not have thought possible.

The Soldier On Fund is the most direct way for Canadians to contribute to supporting the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of ill and injured members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Fund is a registered Trust Fund with the Canadian Revenue Agency and has disbursed more than $2.5 Million for the purchase of sporting and recreational equipment such as bicycles, golf clubs, kayaks, ski packages and fishing equipment. The Fund also pays for training and travel expenses for members to participate in regional, national and international events.